Saint Francis Hiking Trail 7 km

A short hike around Troisvierges!

Technical Data

Length:  7 km
Duration: 1.5 h
Starting point :  Church Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty :  medium
Altitude : about 103 m

The starting point of this hiking trail is located at the church in Troisviergs, which accommodates one of the oldest organs of the Grand Duchy. At the first crossroad, the trail goes straight on into the Bellain Street. Follow this road out into the fields, where you branch off onto a smaller country lane. The trail follows the cycle path “Vennbahn” and then leads over a country lane to Biwisch.

Wander along the chapel and continue walking towards the end of the village. In a curve, the trail branches off to the right and leads steeply up a hill. Once at the top, a beautiful view awaits you. The path continues to the left, crosses the main street and goes under the railway tracks. Along the campsite, the trail continues through the art garden “Jardin à suivre” and finally ends at the starting point at the church.

Along the way you will find many places to take a break.

On the way with St. Francis: Go the meditation path and learn more about the crosses you will encounter during your hike while using the brochure (see PDF).

Saint Francis Hiking Trail 7 km
Saint Francis Hiking Trail 7 km
Saint Francis Hiking Trail 7 km