Park Sënnesräich

Room of 5 senses

To discover our senses is the aim of the Park Sënnesraich educational and leisure center. Whether family, in a group or for school classes, the hall of 5 senses will reveal, in a very playful way, the function of our 5 senses.

The garden of 5 senses

The outdoor facilities are waiting for you to understand the 5 senses, just like the beautiful playground just next to the terrace of the  Sënnesraich bistro, the big labyrinth, the barefoot path, the small pond and the sports field will enchant you.

Free acces all through the year.

Air Tramp

Fun and movement on an educational pillow. Reservation required. Tel: +352-994784-45

Fore more information please visit the homepage Park Sënnesraich

Park Sënnesräich - Info+
Park Sënnesräich - Info+
Park Sënnesräich - Info+