The Monastery of Cinqfontaines

The monastery of the community heart-Jesus priests in Cinqfontaines was established in 1906 according to the draughts of the German architect Johanne Klomp.

This place is known, regrettably, as the only Luxembourgian internment camp for Jews during the Second World War. From 1941 the order community was expelled by the member of the occupying forces. The cloister became the assembly point for Jews. It was the last station before the deportation in the eastern concentration camps. Until June 1943 more than 300 Jews were accommodated for a short time in this cloister. In 1969 a reminiscent monument was initiated.

In 1944 the American military converted the cloister to a field hospital. After the war it got back its original regulation, before it became in 1973 the retreat place and meditation centre. For some years the monastery  accommodates an order community again.