Nature Parc Our

The house of the nature parc Our in Hosingen
On about 150 m² the visitors discover different facets of the area: Geology, scenery, watercourses, woods, agriculture, history, etc.
The exhibition "Th Family of Man" in Clervaux
Composed of 503 photographs of 273 authors native to 68 countries, exhibition " The Family of Man " was introduced for the first time in the Museum of Modern Arts in New York.
The Castle of Vianden
The castle was established between the 11th and 14th century on the foundations of Roman and karolingish constructions.
The Monastery of Cinqfontaines
The monastery of the order community heart-Jesus priests in Cinqfontaines was established in 1906 according to the draughts of the German architect Johanne Klomp.
The Landmuseum in Binsfeld
The house "A Schiewesch" was built more than 300 years ago and accommodates the land museum in Binsfeld since 1988.
The Coppermine in Stolzembourg
For more than 500 years the copper veins of the Klangbaach have lured numerous investors to Stolzembourg.
The Abbey in Clervaux
The Benedictine's abbey Sankt-Mauritius and Saint Maurus was established from 1909 to 1910 according to the model of the abbey by Cluny in the neoromanesque style.
The Golf of Clervaux
The golf course of Clervaux was founded in 1989 and is in the heart of the Luxembourgish Ardennes.
The AquaNat’Our in Hosingen
The AquaNat'Our offers numerous possibilities to families, to sportsmen and relaxation-searching on more than 3,500 m².
Park Sënnesräich Lullange
Discover, hear, touch, smell and taste. Discover the 5 senses in a playful way at the Sënnesraich educational center in Lullange.