Nature path « Cornelysmillen »

Hike through the nature reserve and with some luck you will be able to see the one or the other inhabitant of this marsh!

Technical data :

Length:  9.0 km
Duration: 3.0 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  medium
Altitude: about 190 m

Info nature path Cornelysmillen

The nature reserve Cornelysmillen is located in the extreme north of the Grand Duchy, between Troisvierges, Basbellain and Wilwerdange. The numerous ponds and wetlands are typical for the area.

This unique biotope is located on the high valleys of the Natural Park of Our, and is one of the last retreat areas for many threatened animal and plant species. Among them is the Black Stork, which is especially shy and rare. He has been living in Luxembourg since 1993 and is regularly visited in the Nature Reserve.

Starting point from this route is the station of Troisvierges. From there the walkers hikes through the nature reserve and discover the different habitats with their inhabitants.

Nature path « Cornelysmillen »
Nature path « Cornelysmillen »
Nature path « Cornelysmillen »