Escape route

Discover two itineraries used by escapees!

Technical Data :

Length:  12,8 km
Duration: 3.5 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  medium
Altitude: about 170 m

The escape route consists of a northern and a southern route, both starting at Troisvierges station.  The main focus of this project are the flight operations of Luxembourgish resistance fighters and labor and military service fugitives during the last years of the Second World War. Thanks to various info stations, the hikers will discover which routes the refugees followed. In addition, they receive more detailed information on the historical context. 

On the escape route, the walkers make small paths and forgotten paths, far from the streets and villages.

New for 2021 !!

Interactive hike with the Éislek App: During your hike, you have the possibility to receive exciting information and eyewitness reports via videos and audios. Once you have started your hike, you can open the Éislek app, leave the Bluetooth function on and activate the push message function. You will then receive a message on your smartphone at several stations and receive additional information about the trail.

Large Tour (red sign): 13,8 km (Additional information at 8 stations)
Small Tour (orange sign): 11,3 km (Additional information at 1 station)

The Éislek App is available for free on Android and iOSEislek App

Technical information of the northern escape route: (see above right)

Technical information of the southern escape route:
Length: 11,3 km
Duration: 3,0 h
Starting point: Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty: medium
Altitude : about 139 m
Escape route - Hiking
Escape route - Hiking
Escape route - Hiking
Escape route - Hiking
Escape route - Hiking
Escape route - Hiking