Hike "Over boundaries and through history"

Discover the Ardennes, where historical paths follow!

Technical Data :

Length:  19.4 km
Duration: 5.5 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges, Station Gouvy
Degree of difficulty:  easy
Altitude: about 346 m
Over boundaries and through history“ is a hiking trail that runs in the Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes.

It can be divided into 5 sections, each of which reflects a piece of regional history:
  • From Buret to the Belgian-Luxembourg border, it crosses a former Roman road connecting Reims and Cologne
  • From the border to Basbellain, hikers can discover the springs of Woltz
  • From Basbellain to Asselborn, the walkers hike on paths that used to take cadastral admissions during antiquity
  • From Asselborn to Troine, the trail runs through a postal route, which was used at the beginning of the modern era
  • At the Luxembourg-Belgian border, it is about past smuggling routes
The hike "Over boundaries and through history" crosses numerous villages, where restaurants, cafés and sleeping facilities are located.
Hike "Over boundaries and through history"
Hike "Over boundaries and through history"