Hike path A

Discover variegated landscapes and transit the idyllic village Biwisch.

Technical Data

Length:  5,5 km
Duration: 1.5 h
Starting point :  Camping Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty :  medium
Altitude : about 103 m

more information

The start of this hike is at the Campsite in Troisvierges. The distance follows the bike path to a little stream. You'll divert there to the left on a pathway, which will lead you through a spruce forest and across fields and meadows.

A soon as you end up upon the hill, you can gaze at the surrounding landscape. The direction is going on to the village Biwisch across a country lane on the left. You will cross the village, an opportunity you'll probably use to take a short break.

Walkers turn at the exit of the location on the right on a steep path. You divert on the hill to the left, in the direction of Troisvierges. You will use there the web transfer to end up back to the starting point.

Hike path  A - Hiking
Hike path  A - Hiking
Hike path  A - Hiking