CFL Rail & Hike

Hike from Troisvierges to Clervaux and return by train. (Free)

Technical Data :

Length: 12,5 km
Duration: 3.5 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  medium
Altitude: about 325m


The starting point of this hike is at the station in Troisvierges. The trail leads along the leisure centre, where it crosses a stream and leads to the end of the village. There the trails turns right onto a country lane. The trail continues to Maulusmühle, where it crosses a river and the rails. It then leads through the wood and finally follows the “Hiking trail of the north” to the train station in Clervaux.

After a well-earned break in the nice city Clervaux, you can take the train for free to go back to Troisvierges where you started.


CFL Rail & Hike - Hiking
CFL Rail & Hike - Hiking
CFL Rail & Hike - Hiking