CFL Rail & Hike

Hike from Troisvierges to Clervaux and return by train. (Free)

Technical Data :

Length: 11.8 km
Duration: 3.0 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  medium
Altitude: about 139m


The hikers go towards the church and cross a pond in Luckeschbaach. Then you will pass through the village of Holler and follow the Woltz over the wooded valley heights.                                         Afterwards, you will go to Maulusmühle, where you will cross the river and the tracks one after the other. Passing the Béischend, you will enter a forest which you will leave at Dréischer.         There you will follow the ,,Nordpfad'', along the ,,Klierf'' , in order to reach the train station in Clervaux.

After a well-earned break in the Abteistadt, the hikers can return by train to their starting point.


CFL Rail & Hike - Hiking
CFL Rail & Hike - Hiking
CFL Rail & Hike - Hiking