Hike path E

A hike around Troisvierges and Binsfeld.

Technical Data :

Length: 10 km
Duration: 2.5 h
Starting point :  Sation Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  easy
Altitude: about 230 m

Starting point of this hike is the station in Troisvierges. The official start is situated at the road CR337. At the entrance of the village, you will walk past a cannon and be led to a small country lane. There will be a beautiful view over the surroundings and you will follow the path to Binsfeld. This hike route runs along the main road for a short time. Afterwards, the hikers turn right onto a dirt road which later turns into a meadow path. You will walk past a confierous forest and enjoy an incredible view over Troisvierges.

Past the « Jardin de l’Europe», you will return to your starting point.

Hike path E - Hiking
Hike path E - Hiking
Hike path E - Hiking