Hike path D

Discover the cloister and the memorial of Auschwitz in Cinqfontaines.

Technical Data :

Length: 11.5 km
Duration: 2.5 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  medium
Altitude: about 231 m


Starting point of this hike is the station in Troisvierges. Walkers use the railway underpass and walk along the rails in the direction of Cinqfontaines. You will step into the  vale of Wiltz, which you will follow to Sassel. Then you will walk along a stream and transit the rails in order to reach the national hike ,,Nordpfad''. You need to walk this path in order to return to Troisvierges. To end up at the starting point, you have to walk past the church and the town hall.


Hike path D - Hiking
Hike path D - Hiking
Hike path D - Hiking