Hike path C

Enjoy the magnificent views around Troisvierges!

Technical Data :

Length: 9,0 km
Duration: 2.0 h
Starting point:  Station Troisvierges
Degree of difficulty:  easy
Altitude: about 212 m

Starting point of this hike is the station in Troisvierges. Walkers go through the railway underpass and continue along the street of Asselborn on the right.

 After the hotel and restaurant industry ,,Lamy'', you follow a country lane on the left. In Asselborn,  you bend to the left in the direction of Sassel.

Before you reach the cloister and the memorial of Auschwitz in Cinqfontaines, you can enjoy wonderful views over Troisvierges and its surroundings.

 It is going on in the direction of Troisvierges, where another hike is waiting for the walkers. This hike is blessed with amazing views. After this, you follow downwards a country lane and bend to the left, in order to reach the starting point.


Hike path C - Hiking
Hike path C - Hiking
Hike path C - Hiking